zcollection.merging.time_series.merge_time_series(existing_ds, inserted_ds, axis, partitioning_dim)[source]#

Merge two time series together.

Replaces only the intersection between the existing dataset and the new one, but also keeps the existing records if they have not been updated.

The following figure illustrates the implemented algorithm. Column A represents the new data and column B, the data already present. The different cells in the columns represent the hours on the day of the measurements. The merge result is shown in column C. It contains the measurements of the column A or column B if column A does not replace them.

  • existing_ds (Dataset) – The existing dataset.

  • inserted_ds (Dataset) – The inserted dataset.

  • axis (str) – The axis to merge on.

  • partitioning_dim (str) – The name of the partitioning dimension.


The merged dataset.

Return type